— Our Mission & Story —


Our Mission

Nurture the human spirit in life's hard transitions with dignity, comfort, and responsibility.

Keep both eyes open in all things we do—how we consume, how we value ourselves, how we improve the world around us, and how we treat others.

Our Story

Quiet Transitions

For the founding designer of Kafka Simone, it wasn't always clear what she wanted in her career. As a fashion designer, she had seen entire lifecycles of a brand go from its rise to relevancy, all the way to seeing executives and partners scrounge to salvage a company after completely ignoring its values. The toxicity of this job consumed her life.

After she left, she knew that wherever she would go, it would be a bit of the same story. That experience had left such a profound mark on the designers of that organization, that many had shed their desires to be designers ever again. For our founder, she returned to her roots - in illustrations. She did this to heal, in a private, controlled environment. Her love for the core principals of art grew again and fell in love with Wabi-sabi, a Japanese design sense, embracing the natural minimalism of the world. She realized that she possessed more than she needed. This was her quiet celebration - purging the excess and finding conviction in LESS.

She decided to donate her excess belongings, and keep a select few things - precious items that she knew were heirloom quality. Our hope is to capture this moment and give our customers something special for their quiet celebrations when they surpass an important milestone.

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