— Designing Luxury Loungewear —

Our Design Standard

What Makes Amazing Loungewear?

Much of this hangs on the decisions made in planning and execution by the designer. For us, we've held ourselves to a designer's standard - we immersed ourselves deep into learning to create amazing pieces that we are proud of.

Loungewear can come in many forms - pertaining to any garments/outfits that revolve around relaxation and self-care. Amongst the category of robes and gowns, Kimono and Yukata Robes stand out as timeless, chic, and culturally meaningful - deriving from Japanese history, and popularized in Western cultures as early as the 1950's. Inspired by traditional garments like Japanese Kimonos, Yukatas, and Korean Hanboks, we learned that beauty, quality, and comfortable loungewear are based on 6 key factors within materials and 3 major factors in the fabrication of the garment:

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci


Quality fabrics

The Feel

Relaxation and self-care is often a sensory experience, and selection of materials often begins with the simple touch. For example, the different types of silk each provide a palette of comfort.

The Weight

Weight is an indicator of several things - how the garment will hang on a body, the movement and perceived grace of the garment, exposure of the skin to the elements, and thickness and richness of color in the fabric.

Lasting Quality

Given that we want our robes and gowns to never end up in a landfill, we want to select materials that last - potentially be passed down as heirlooms.

The Color

Color not only gives aesthetic value to the garment, but also affects moods and psychology of the wearer. We looked into some of the psychology, mythos, and history of color.


Selecting sustainable materials often comes at a price, but creates invaluable long-term benefits. Eco-friendly clothes ensures a world of minimal waste. Sustainable quality clothes last longer.

The Fabric Type

All textiles have pros and cons to them that meet or miss our needs, we've selected specific types of silk and synthetics that are responsibly and carefully chosen for your benefit and the environment.

Our Philosophy

Great Design is Timeless

We believe amazing art and design can be subtle and sentimental - that big statements can be in a whisper and every day appreciations. Our products will always be subtle, introspective, and tasteful. Much like garments worn by our ancestors, we hope our garments inspire meaning in every task, walk, and interaction.

Superior Construction & Fit

FEels good


One of the easiest ways to determine the quality of loungewear you purchase is the finishing of the garment, where you may find hidden cheap stitching. All Kafka Simone garments are beautiful inside & out.


Quite simply, a garment like a robe must "standalone" on a body and enhance the wearer's existing beauty. Great form is timeless - remaining relevant and beautiful for generations.


A well-made piece should feel uninhibited in their movements, or feel any level of discomfort in their tasks. Every pose should feel flattering and every gesture should feel natural.

The YUKI Kimonos