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Intro to Charmeuse Care

Silk is Worth The Effort

While silk may seem like it may require constant maintenance and effort to keep pristine, it's quite worth the effort. The effort affords you a long-lasting, heirloom quality garment that gets smoother the more you wear it.

Charmeuse is a special type of silk - and there's more to it than washing and drying. We've compiled tips here for how to handle wrinkles, storage, and loving your Charmeuse robe.

Charmeuse History

The Charmer

Charmeuse is French for "charmer." The fabric is a type of lightweight semi-lustrous silk. The texture is a satin weave where the threads in the front are a smooth, shiny finish, whereas the back has a dull matte finish. The Charmeuse silk fabric dates back to China, circa 3630 BCE.

Italian Silk History

Why Italian Silk?

When the Roman Empire began to wind down, it is said that they discovered that the extremely precious silk resources came from a mysterious worm. The Empire allegedly "borrowed" the worms, leading to the Romans becoming one of the highest calibre manufacturers of silk.

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Read the Fabric Care Tag

When considering how to take care of your garments, the first place you should look is the labels - usually placed in the seams in the inner lining. Make sure you look on all sides of the label - and you may see written instructions or symbols (which can be especially useful if the text is written in a different language).

Your fabric care label can tell you a lot about the garment. “Dry Clean” is usually a recommendation to take the garment to a dry cleaner. If you choose to wash it at home, gently hand wash the garment.

“Dry Clean Only” is less of a recommendation - that the garment is very delicate. It is strongly suggested you take it to a professional.

The YUKI Robe

For the YUKI Robe, it is strongly suggested you take it to a dry cleaner for cleaning.

Dry Clean Only
Do Not Wring
Do Not Iron

Post-Wash Care

  • Do Not Iron - The gentler method of ridding the garment of unwanted wrinkles and creasing is to steam it. Not only does avoid the risks of ironing like folds, creases, and burns, but steaming adds the benefits of eliminating germs and odors.
  • Cool & Dry Storage - Always try to keep this garment in arid and temperature moderated storage areas.
  • Long-Term Storage - Store silks in breathable dry containers if you intend to keep it stored for long periods of time.
  • Photosensitivity - Prolonged periods of time under sunlight can damage the garment and you may notice fading in color.
  • Moth Management - This is an obvious one, but it's recommended to keep moth repellant near the stored garment.

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